Wooden Nickels

We are excited about our incentive program that uses Wooden Nickels. To help all our patients fulfill their treatment goals, you can earn Wooden Nickels at your regular orthodontic checkups.

Patients can earn one Wooden Nickel for each of the following:

  1. Excellent oral hygiene
  2. Being on time for your appointment
  3. Excellent cooperation with rubber bands
  4. Nothing is loose or broken

Additional Wooden Nickels could be earned for the following reasons:

  • Referring a friend or family member to our office who starts treatment will earn you 20 Wooden Nickels!
  • Wear your Dr. Peterman T-shirt during your appointment  and earn one extra Wooden Nickel.
  • Every “A” on your report card earns you two Wooden Nickels … so bring in your report card! - Can be used twice during active treatment.
  • Download the “Patient Certificate for Kids” and bring it in signed by the hygienist at your dentist office from your last cleaning, and you will earn four Wooden Nickels.
  • Like us on Facebook and earn five Wooden Nickels.
  • Follow us on Instagram and earn five Wooden Nickels.


$ 5.00 gift card 30 Nickels

Dunkin’ Donuts

Five Below


$10.00 gift card 40 Nickels


Dunkin’ Donuts


$15.00 gift card 50 Nickels


Bath and Body Works

Game Stop

$25.00 gift card 70 Nickels

Barnes and Noble

Best Buy


$75.00 gift card 140 Nickels


Olive Garden


Apparel 80 Nickels

Somerset Orthodontic Specialists Sweatshirt